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Golf Maintenance procedures

2-28-12 Happy Birthday to Me!


Today we changed the cups to fresh locations as well as moved tee markers.  Bob Reported that some golfers are cheating and driving off the cart path and cutting through from #14 Green to #15 tees!  That is sad, it goes right through a low area next to the main drains meaning we will have additional repairs to do.  It’s not like we want to spend an extra couple of hundred bucks because some people don’t want to take an extra 45 seconds to stay on the path.  How disappointing.

I know that John and Marv are still diligently working on divots.  They are getting started on tees.  I sharpened three reels, bedknives to follow tomorrow and Grant getting them back together as I get done sharpening.  I have one more set for a greenmower and two more sets for Fairway mowers.  Then we have to make a decision if the close rough mower needs a grind or not.  If it does that will take about three days since we have not set up the grinders for those reels yet.  The first set-up can take a full day!

Yesterday the greens were cut.  Grant said that they were getting a little bit more grass off of them as we do mid summer when we cut daily.  I was working on course pricing for course stuff, like flags, flag poles, and that kind of stuff.  I will give you a look into this stuff later.  It is expensive!  Small Trash Can…$50.00



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