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4-9-12 Freeze Dried Greens.

Many have wondered about why the greens are so brown on the mounds. 

Have you ever seen a March and April this dry?  That is probably incorrect.  As a whole the area has been getting rainfall, (I know my house has had at least 2″ in the past few weeks.) but not the golf course.  I have watched several storm come through just to split and miss the course.  The reason they are so brown is like Nescafe coffee…(Freeze Dried).  The nightly frosts coupled with low humidity and no rainfall the grass leaves are suffering from desiccation.  Big term for dried out.  The crowns are still good but the top leaves are dormant.  Once we get some water to them they will be fine.

As I said yesterday, Grant reconnected the irrigation lines in the pump station.  Today I started the pumps to charge the mainline and then Bob opened the gate valves to the greens.  That takes most of the day.  I checked the pumps and they are currently not shutting off.  That means as of right now the pumps are manually shut off to prevent catastrophic failure and a huge expense. 

Here is the plan…Tomorrow morning Grant and Bob will have a major training session with hoses in hand on how to water the greens.  So, you will see guys out all day getting the greens wet.  Now, that gets me to the second part…while we are watering I can monitor the pump station to see if the pumps respond as they should.  (My guess is that we currently have air in the pilot lines and it is causing a PLC misread on the actual pressure causing the pumps to run continuously.)  What should happen is that the hand watering and the usage will purge the air out of the lines and I will be able to water normally once again.  If not, a screwdriver test to the interstate valve should confirm a malfunction of the safety switch.

Until then enjoy the superfast brown mounds.

Mark Novotny CGCS



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