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4-21-12 Hope we had enough rain overnight.

It rained last night.  I was so tired from the week I slept right through the two showers the wife said she heard.  I will check my rain gauge later but since I am 10 miles away from the course who knows what the course had. 

The reason for wanting rain is Fertilizer is down.  Down on Fairways, down on tee complexes, down on greens, down on green surrounds, down on selected roughs, down on the chipping course, down on the front entrance, weak areas of the driving range.  Some of these areas do not have irrigation.  Without water, no activation…with water, greener grass.  I am hoping for a quarter of an inch minimum.  We could actually use a slow soaking inch.

What else happened during the week?  The roughs were cut, Bunker faces were cut, bunkers raked, greens aerified and topdressed with all of the holes filled.  Greens should be cut today unless they get rained out.  Randy was picking up debris (sticks) to a tune of three Cushman loads per day.  Russ and Sam worked on the drainage on #18.  Now just to get the grass growing to heal in the massive lines that were installed.

Will be back later today.

Mark Novotny CGCS




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