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4-23-12 PAT is here on Wednesday!

For those of you who do not know who pat is…(it is not my sister).  PAT actually stands for Playing Ability Test . One of the following must be completed within two years prior to registering into the PGA Professional Golf Management Program.  It is for those individuals who want to become a Golf Professional like Josh.

So the deal is that the players have to play 36 holes in a day and (at last event) shoot 155 or less.  Now, why I make a big deal out of it is… it gives the crew something to look forward to in course preparation.  I like it because it gives us a target date to get as many details completed as possible. 

Now for the average player who is thinking “who cares”, I have to say you should.  If we gear up for the tournament that actually ‘play by the rules’ the course will be marked for you as well.  Therefore, you reap the benefits of having a PGA PAT at the course.  And you can play the course the same day as the tournament.  We schedule regular play around the tournament players so you are playing the same conditions they are at the same time!  Pretty cool huh!

A couple of things to realize.  First, the men will play from the blue tee boxes at the brass markers.  Second, all pins are in the center of the greens.  If you are thinking that is boring…maybe.  But we have had as many as six of these events in a season (they now move them around the state).  By having all of the flags in the center it is always fair whenever they play here.  That way, if you don’t pass the first time is won’t be because the pins were all tucked behind bunkers that day.  I guess an additional one is they are playing 36 holes.  So if you played lights out the first 18 you better be ready for fatigue to set in and fend it off for the final 18.  It is a true test of skill with no funny business with course set-up.

So, call in and make a tee time.  Put yourself in the position of a PGA Pro.  Or at least before or after them.

Mark Novotny CGCS



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