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5-9-12 I hope this works…

This morning I sprayed stabilized urea around the greens 1-10 & 18.  This is to get the dull green to a dark  green but actually grass that is no longer starving.  I think the last time I fertilized the area was a couple of years ago before the price of fertilizer went through the roof!  I used to buy the 46-0-0 (urea) for $6.00 a 50# bag but in now costs $20.00.

So here is the test.  I purchased the urea for the Nitrogen and nothing else.  This should get the grass growing and turn it green at the same time.  Here is the problem…Urea is HOT!  Meaning it has a high burn potential (turning grass leaves brown) and it has a very short longevity something like a week to 10 days.  I combined the urea with a product that is supposed to extend the longevity to 6-8 weeks and reduce the burn potential in hot weather.  Since the next few days are forecast to be cooler, I gave it a shot today.  I hope it works.  If it does… in a week the grass should be greener than it is today.  If it doesn’t, it should be brown by the weekend.  If it does turn brown, no worries, the grass will recover and then turn green, just a little later than a week.

If you were wondering what it can do…look at the left rough on #16 by the cart path.  See how green it is!  That is from the granular urea a few weeks ago in cool temperatures just before a rain.  You may also notice the improvement in the turf around 10 green, behind 15 & 16 greens, behind 13 fairway bunker.  All the same application in granular form.  What I did today was to put it in water to melt it and add the liquid stabilizer.  This should be fun to see if it works!

Mark Novotny CGCS



2 thoughts on “5-9-12 I hope this works…

  1. Mark,

    Sounds like you guys are nice and busy. I have to say, on days like today I miss being out on the course! Sure is nice outside. Hope you are getting plenty of play.



    Posted by Luke | May 10, 2012, 4:16 pm

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