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5-10-12 Tank two completed!

Today was kind of bust.  We were planning to spray fairways for the dollar spot.  This takes Two sprayers, three guys, two days to get completed.  I had a tire going low on #11 green yesterday.  Took it to the tire shop to find out the rim is split at the weld.  We had them put a tube in it.  It came back this morning after Bob picked it up last night…Flat.  It lost air overnight.  Back to the tire shop to see what happened…Defective tube.  Small sprayer is down for the day. 

OK, go to the large sprayer.  Won’t start…  put the battery on charge and get my cart and start spraying the beds for weeds.  I then decide to make another tank of Fertilizer…This takes a little over an hour.  I go Spray.  Get done with the rest of the course, grab a quick lunch…out to catch up with Bob to trim out his rough mowing on the back side.  Bill gets the big sprayer started and takes it out for a test run to use tomorrow since he has only operated the little sprayer.  It is ready to go.  He comes out with the other Z-Turn mower to help me & Bob with the trim (his first time on the mower).  He did well and we will meet at 15 green.  I cut around the bunker and the trees and I lost the deck…(probably threw a belt)…nope, I dragged a blade across the fairway when it broke off the deck motor.  That will end this mower for the day…luckily it is 1:30.

Ok, so now we are ready for tomorrow.   We will be spraying the front nine fairways first thing since it is a back nine start.  That is if the big sprayer will start and the wheel doesn’t fall off the small sprayer.  Wish us luck.

Mark Novotny CGCS



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