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5-14-12 Today sucked.

Scheduled to finish spraying fairways today.  Bill started to load and one-third  to full the belt broke and he could not run the pump.  Grant looked for a suitable belt.  The two closest sizes didn’t fit.  Went to NAPA no luck, went to Taylor & Son’s…no luck.  Called Kuhn turf they were not able to find one either.  Had to go to the distributor out of Cleveland area.  That sprayer won’t be running today (with product in the tank). 

I finished my first scheduled tank and reloaded.  Turned it over to Bill while I figure out what we should do about the product in the tank.  Bill finished tank two.  He came in to reload from the other sprayer.  Now, we have to fill the tank to the top with water to get the correct mix.  Now with the full tank and no pump we have to get the tank mixed.  I decided to get a bunker pump with two intake hoses (semi rigid).  We connected the hoses to pull the mix out of the tank and put it back into the tank to stir.  We then sucked it out and into the other sprayer.  You guessed it…One pass later sprayer dies on Bill. 

Grant and Bob went out and can not get it started.  It may be the distributor or the timing belt.  Either way the second sprayer is down for a few days or more.  Now we have 300 gallons of mixed spray with no sprayers.  If we leave it in the tanks the powder will settle out to the bottom and clog the pipes. So we have to suck out the product again to store it in the old 200 gallon fertilizer tanks to hold the product.  We have until Wednesday or Thursday before the spray will not work properly. So…once we get a sprayer we will have to remix the tanks and finish the application.  Most likely…Wednesday morning.

So today pretty much sucked.

Mark Novotny CGCS





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