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5-15-12 Another day.

Started a new guy today.  I think this is 5 in the last 7 days.  In any case we will be training people all over the place so expect some mistakes as the crew starts to perfect their procedures.  in case you missed it today the back 9 tee markers were very narrow.  For some reason one of our new guys who did the same job very well the last two times became confused and narrowed the distance of the tee markers to well less than the required 15 feet.  So…they will be corrected tomorrow before the PAT.

Hopefully the rain holds off so we can get more work done in the bunkers.  They are finally starting to dry out.  It takes three days of raking on three dry days to get them to fluff up, then we start to move the sand around to get it back to the correct placement.  By the way…you have a layer of new sand in #13 if you didn’t notice.

We are still cutting rough so it should be coming down.

Equipment still broken and waiting for parts.  One Z-turn rough mower, two sprayers, two Cushman trucksters, one wide area mower, multiple light weight utility vehicles, one greens mower.  That should be close enough for now.  I’m sure there is more if I dig in the back storage area.  I won’t even get started about the irrigation problems.

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