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5-18-12 Wierd event day.

We had a 9-hole shotgun at 9:00 on 10-18.  Finished in time for everyone to tee off on schedule.  Then the cup cutters were wondering why the flags were in a different sequence.  So it was too late to recut all of the cups so they will be corrected on Saturday.  From what we can deduce is that when the tournament logo flags were replaced at the end of the PAT the regular flags were replaced out of sequence.  That’s OK, Grant will take care of it tomorrow and they should be back in the normal rotation.

We also planted some cannas today (the big red spiky things we plant to hide the dumpster), trimmed the trees up on the chipping course, and repaired 5 of the unknown number of broken sprinkler heads.  That was a training session for Bill, he now knows how to gut a head and repair a gear drive as well as replace broken o-rings and change a solenoid.  Now for next week how to troubleshoot a box.

We did do a bit of prep work on #10 bunker.  Matt started to get the drainage trench a little deeper to get it ready for the pipe.  Hopefully we will get to work on it early in the week and get it seeded before the next rain.

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