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6-8-12 Bunker update

Yesterday we worked on #15 Green side.  Today # 2 right greenside, # 1 fairway bunkers (the pot bunkers) and the first fairway bunker on #1 Left. 

Why these bunkers???  You the golfer!  See we have been rather busy on the course and we want to get as much done without getting in the way.  So to accomplish this we are dividing to conquer.  If you start on the Front nine #1…we start working on #15 greenside.  That gives us the maximum time in a greenside bunker without significantly affecting play.  If it is a #10 start we will be in #2 greenside until about 11:00.  At that time we will be switching to fairway bunkers where we are traditionally out-of-the-way.

Today…some sand was removed from #2 and sent to our compost pile.  When we went to the fairway bunkers we removed some sand.  When the sand was acceptable for play it went into the large fairway bunker on #1 and raked out.  So, if we find good sand it will go into bunkers that we don’t have on the schedule for a year or more.

We also worked on the two sand rakes to see if we can get them to loosen up the sand more.  That means some welding and modifications to the scairifiers on the units.  Tomorrow we will see how well they turned out.  Hopefully they will get a little deeper into the sand.  Even though I keep hearing there is no sand the truth is our equipment is just having a real hard time loosening up the compacted sand.  Jason took a plug sample from #10 fairway.  He got through about 2.5″ of sand until he couldn’t go any deeper.  The fact was he never made it to the base.  That means we need to get some tougher rakes to penetrate the hardened sand.   It also means we have 2.5″ of sand before a hard sub base.  I would think that is enough sand for a good shot out of a fairway bunker.

Will be in tomorrow.  Remember to stay away from the sprinkler on #10 at 10am,  12pm,  2pm,  4pm,  6pm,  the water will be flying into the newly seeded bunker.

Mark Novotny CGCS



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