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6-29-12 Hot Hot Hot!

Just another day in Cartagena, Columbia where the temperature at 9:00am was 96 degrees and a heat index was 104.  That was last January…it feels a little cooler since the humidity was 37%-67% so far today.   But, another hot one.  Glad to see so many brave the heat and play today.  The forecast doesn’t seem to be changing much in the next 10 days highs in the low to mid 90’s. 

Here is the problem, when the night-time low temperatures are in the high to mid 70’s (next 10 day forecast) the grass just is not getting a break.  This is cool season grass, which means it doesn’t grow well or at all in temperatures sustained above 75.  You don’t see our grass growing very well south of Kentucky. So we will be looking at loosing some grass in places where there is heavy traffic or inadequate rainfall or irrigation.   

Irrigation will help sustain life but it takes 10’s of thousands of dollars (actually 100’s of thousands) more than we have to make it look like the TV courses you watch every weekend.  At this point we will be watering throughout the day to try to keep the grass hydrated and alive.  Some will turn brown and off-color but when it cools down it will start to green up and return to its usual playing conditions.

Topic change: equipment this season has been a pain at best.  We were using our 100 gallon hydro-seeder to apply wetting agent to the tees.  Of course we developed a leak in the pump.  After Grant & Steve tore it down we called the manufacturer to find out a local supplier and it is no longer made or are any of the parts numbers matching up even with a Google search.  So we are in a quest for a new pump that will work.

Sprayer we use for Tees and greens lost its brakes last spraying.  I was able to operate it to do greens but found out that operating a sprayer without brakes is very interesting.  I never had a problem unless there were other people around who seem to drive into my path thinking I could stop.   Which I couldn’t.  Lesson to be learned on the highways don’t trust the other guy thinking they have complete control of their vehicle.  GEE, I wasn’t even talking on my cellphone!  (Actually, I don’t carry my cell phone while at work.)

Enough for now…


Mark Novotny CGCS



One thought on “6-29-12 Hot Hot Hot!

  1. Mark,
    As far as making the course look like the ones on TV well you can do that DON’T WATER. The purple hue on the greens the other week just turned my stomach. But we all must remember”DEAD GRASS PUTTS FAST” So for all of those out there that want the greens garage floor fast just know that also means brown/purple grass. We always say green side up for a reason.


    Posted by Tom | July 3, 2012, 11:35 am

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