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8-23-12 Jason Says…

Jason says the bunker on #6 is ready for sod.  I have not been out there since 9am this morning I will have to take a look in the morning to see if it needs any fine tuning from my landscape rake.  The progress from Jason, Zach, Nick and Danny have made in the last three days I am sure there will only be some fine minor improvements I will make.  So, why had I not been out there to see how the guys were doing?  I was making soil with Noah for the finish layer.  The coarse fill layer was made last week and I thought we could use a better finish layer before the sod goes on.

So, even though the base is ready for sod we will wait until Monday to get started.  The reason is after we get the sod down we will have all week to keep it watered.  By Friday the sod will be able to handle the weekend afternoons without water.

Now…Where should we get the sod???  Just an Idea…How about combining projects and cut the sod around the white and blue tees on #17.  Use that sod on #6 bunker.  Then add sand to level the area and increase the size of the tees so we have a better surface next season.  I am thinking we could add almost 1000 square feet of teeing surface to that complex.  What do you think?

Mark Novotny CGCS



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