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9-20-12 What is coming up in the next week or two.

First, we are involved in a mini Ryder Cup tournament this weekend here at Westchester as well as Eagle Eye golf course.  So the course will be white lined and hazards re-marked from the nightly visitors and Tournament flags will be out on Saturday.

Second, Aerfication is planned for greens on October 1st and 3rd.  The process is currently the same as it has been in the past Aerification By The Numbers 2010 .  So…unless the weather changes drastically, the plan will remain the same.

Third, Fertilizer and grub control is down on Fairways.  I finished the back side today so the fairways should start to green up, thicken up, and critter damage should slow down.

Fourth,  Tee complexes have been fertilized as of Monday.  Hopefully after yesterday’s rain the tees should start to green and thicken as well.

Fifth, the weather forecast is great through the weekend so come out to play golf!  Forget the game…hit record and play more golf!  Crack open a potent potable and watch the game at night.

20 Partly Cloudy
Forecast: 74 | 54
Partly Cloudy
Average: 74 | 52
Precip: 0.09
21 Partly Cloudy
Forecast: 74 | 54
Partly Cloudy
Average: 73 | 52
Precip: 0.10
22 Partly Cloudy
Forecast: 67 | 43
Chance of Rain
Average: 73 | 51
Precip: 0.10
23 Partly Cloudy
Forecast: 59 | 43
Partly Cloudy
Average: 72 | 51
Precip: 0.10

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