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9-28-12 Parts Run

Odd day today…Came in before daylight with the crew and used the time to show the Powerpoint for aerification.  Now the guys involved have somewhat of an understanding of what we are going to do on Monday and Wednesday.

What I wasn’t expecting was Noah to come to work.  His normal day is Thursday but with the rain he was off but he had a few hour before going to his “Real” job and work on irrigation.  He started to dig up the short in the wires on the back right head on #7. (Those are the ones we have been troubleshooting all season long.) What he found was three splices and jumper wires that were hit with a shovel when making an irrigation pipe repair.  This is not uncommon when you are digging a two foot deep hole trying to find a leaking pipe.  What should be in the ground is pipe over wires.  With sloppy installation (which we have)  you often get wire over pipe which means you cut the wires before getting to the leaking pipe.  Hence, the repaired wires.

With discussion I decided to eliminate one more probable problem and buy new wire.  We have been using left over wire from initial construction.  We have been picking through the spools and trying to find the good wire that has not deteriorated by sitting in our shop for the last 15 years.  So I went on a parts run to get Noah new wire.  He replaced the three wires and splice kits and we are ready for the next stage of testing.

More fault finder work.  Hopefully it will be good wires all the way back to the 15 foot hole right of #8 green.  A few more splices and we can get it repaired just in time to blow the lines down for winter on November 6th.

We are also finalizing the irrigation radio order.  If you have no mobile communication (Hand held radios)  The FCC is requiring an upgrade from our original wide band frequencies to narrowband by January 1st.  That may sound like this is great but in actuality our wide band system is working perfectly and the mandatory upgrade is going to change nothing but cost us about $50,000.

Welcome to the golf world.  At least we will be in compliance until they make us switch to ultra-narrow band or digital.

Mark Novotny CGCS



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