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10-30-12 …Snow?

Ok,  welcome to Ohio. 

Last week 80° yesterday high wind, today…snow & sleet.

Jason & I drove the course this morning (in my truck of course), it was too cold and wet to get out the utility vehicles… Here is what we saw, not much of anything except a lot of standing water in the bunkers and snow on the front nine.  There was a mysterious absence of snow on the back nine…wierd.

We did not find any major malfunctions out there.  We had to move a couple of sticks on the cart path beneath the bridge.  We did see a branch down behind #11 green.  None of these would have any affect on play.  Significant leaf work is needed on #4 when the wind started blowing from the north. It was great to see that #6 was still really clean from leaves and no trees down.

The next several years we will be losing about 20 of the large trees on #6 due to the Emerald Ash Borer.  We will be starting with the weakest trees first and then moving from the condo side to the park side.  We will also be losing ALL of the trees down the front entrance.  We are trying to determine what tree should replace all of the ash trees.  I am looking for a tree that will have little leaf litter so it will not affect traffic and the neighbors.  (Who wants to spend all fall picking up leaves?)  These trees will be planted at the top of the hills rather than in the down slope.  The reason is that even though the slope looks mild it can get slippery when wet.

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