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12-11-12 Working on winter stuff…

Steve has been changing oil in all of the equipment.  Then we can start getting them ready for sharpening when I find a suitable mechanic.

Jason has been checking the course and replacing blown out flags and keeping the beaver from damming up the overflow in the pond on the left of #15.  He has been re-arranging the equipment storage area so we can pack the building for winter.

I have been working on the computer and today I re-upholstered the seat back to one of the Cushman trucksters.  Now I need to find more seat foam to re-do the bottom of my sprayer seat.  Anyone have any old sofa cushions lying around you don’t need?

We do have a seed experiment starting.  We are using some of the Filed Magic (water holding polymer) to see how much is the most effective proportion to mix with our sand and seed to keep it moist in the middle of summer when we fill divots.

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