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2-27-13 Painting Signs

I may not have talked about this yet but we are changing our signage at the driving range.  Hence, I am recreating and painting signs for the range.

Instead of the yardage numbers (Which are always wrong…Unless you happen to be in the exact spot where they were lasered.) we are replacing them with colored targets.  Of course the colors will be red, white, blue, and gold.  Now you will be able to use your range finders to get an exact distance to the colored targets.  That way you will know the distance from where you are hitting without the confusing and incorrect numbers staring at you.

From the south tee the numbers will remain.  These numbers are correct since we cut the center of the tee based on the distance from the first sign.  (That is why that tee is on a radius.)

We are also giving Josh a separate teaching area where he can set up his equipment and give lessons in a dedicated area.  It will be on the West side of the range tee so he will have access to power to run his high-tech video training equipment.

We also are planning to have an experienced maintenance man working on the range daily to reset the tee line and bag racks.  Hopefully, he will be able to keep up with the use of the range and fill divots more than just a few times each season.

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