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3-6-13 Snow Day…

I worked at home today.  I didn’t venture out in the 3-6″ of newly fallen snow.  I decided to spend the day and design some new signage for the course.  Ron asked me to do this mid-season last year and it has evaporated from my memory many many times.  Yesterday I took the day the downloaded new software to create the vinyl signs that we would need.

With only about 15 emails I am close to getting it to the sign shop.  The current problem is formatting.  My software doesn’t save to the format she needs and she can’t open in the format I can save.  So I have to export it to another software that I have to convert it to what she can open and I can email.  Sounds easy.  Except in all of this I sucked up enough memory that the second software won’t save the file.  So this afternoon I am reloading the software from the disk to correct the error then I can send it to her.  (I hope.)

After all of this I will have the vinyl signs…now what should I mount them on?

Mark Novotny CGCS



2 thoughts on “3-6-13 Snow Day…

  1. I would be pleased to assist in any sign making that may be helpful. I’ve just finished creating a workshop in my basement and would be glad to put to use building signs. I’ve often thought there is a need for “No Carts”, “Exit”, “Enter” and so forth signs on the course. However I may be of help I’m more than glad to do so. I’ve got some materials and more than willing to get whatever is necessary to get the job done. Need projects to keep me busy and to put to use the workshop. 🙂


    Posted by Bill Wright | March 7, 2013, 5:30 pm
    • Bill, Stop by sometime when you have time and we can discuss your offer. You will be able to see what I am working on now as well as the signs I am developing for the next month or so where I may be able to use your help. Mark


      Posted by tghrs | March 10, 2013, 11:40 am

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