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3-28-13 Finally…

Outside!!!!!!!!!!   YEA!!!!!

A lot of training was started yesterday.  Stuff was finished today.   Greens were rolled at least started yesterday and finished today.  Tee setup and trash was finished today.  Hazard stakes are now completed as of mid day today.  Greens mowing was started today and only 4-8 are left for tomorrow.

Tomorrow we are going to fertilize greens to take advantage and hope the forecast is correct for scattered showers on Sunday.  We are also going to start to get some bunker clean-up going and get some silt gathered to be removed.  We will get to try out our newly repaired bunker machines and push and fluff some sand after the silt is removed.

Next week will be the big push when we can get out earlier in the morning and not wait for the frozen sand and ground to thaw.  I am starting three more people full-time and some students are coming in for a few hours between classes to get ready for the weekend tournament.  I am planning on topdressing greens if all of the equipment will run properly and we don’t have any major surprises from sitting all winter.  We will also start to cut tees.  (That may take all week.)

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