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4-10-13 Been Busy Here…

It has been dry so I am taking advantage of the weather.  We put a drain line in next to number 4 cart path.  The only problem I see is that the middle of the path is lower than the edges and we will still have water until we can make pavement repairs.  Option 1)  Have 100′ of pavement professionally repaired.  This means a complete tear out and resurfacing of the area.  The 6 contractors I talked with last fall gave me a phone estimate of $5,000 for the area.  Option 2)  I get material in and do a large repair like the repairs on number 12 and 13.  Form it up and take a day and make the concrete mix and repair it that way.  It will be a while longer we have a vehicle down with a broken axle that we need to haul material.  We also need the material to be trucked in.  We also need to get the approval from Paul to spend the money since the season is getting such a late start.  (I am guessing we are weeks behind normal.)

Today we did add a 3″ tube drain behind number 2 green at the cart path curve.  The area stays so wet I figured I better get it while the getting is good.  I think we put in 110′ in about 2 hours.  We just need to finish the entrance to the pipe with concrete so the water could flow to the pond.  With the amount of debris that gathers in the area it is sure to clog.  (This is a replacement for a drain installed in 1997.)  With this drain it will be easier to flush with irrigation water since the pipe is now smooth wall.

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