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4-23-13 3 of 5 Completed

Last Wednesday Steve and Jay had to jump one of the fairway mowers to get it started and pull it in the shop.  They pulled off the reels so I could get started sharpening them.  The first thing you do is to get them “grinder ready”.  That means take off the back roller and bedknife and check the bearings to make sure they are good enough to make it a full season.  Since we have not worked on these reels in three seasons because of money they are not.  Well one reel we knew had a blown bearing and the bedknife had to be replaced.  The other four bedknives should get through this year.  When Jim was breaking them down…all of the bearings are worn out.  So tomorrow our new bearings and seals should be arriving from Arizona.

But in the meantime…we put on a new bedknife.  I sharpened all of the top faces after resetting the grinder.  And now I have 3 of 5 bedknives completed.  Tomorrow I will be able to finish the last two.  Once the reels are put back together and are “grinder ready” I will start the process of spin grinding and relief grinding to get them sharpened to start the cutting season.

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One thought on “4-23-13 3 of 5 Completed

  1. Are the bearings that specialized that you must order from Arizona? With all the bearing distributors in the Columbus area it would you could get what you need locally and faster. Don’t mean to be telling you how to do your work but I used to be in manufacturing maintenance and bought a lot of bearings. Granted some of the companies I use to deal with are no longer around by the names I use to know but there’s still several in the area. Just hoping to make it simpler for ya.


    Posted by Bill Wright | April 23, 2013, 4:53 pm

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