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4-28-13 Crabgrass/ Fertilizer Down

I know, it is late based on what I told you, but if you were reading carefully I told you not to base your applications on what we as golf courses or the lawn care people do.  So, my first of two fertilizer/crabgrass applications went down yesterday just before today’s rain.  (That was the plan.)

So in a week we should see green speckles on the tees where the fertilizer is starting to work.  The reason for green speckles is we are very lean on fertilizer and what we use is larger fertilizer particles which lands farther apart so you get speckles.  After we get the sprayer calibration finalized (we are still working out the bugs in the rebuilt sprayer) I will have Bill spray for weeds, fungus, and throw in some fertilizer to de-speckle the tees.  In about 3-4 weeks I will fertilize the complexes again with the same product to keep the crabgrass controlled around the tees this season.

I hope this works well.  In the past, I have used this product with a single application and we have had significant breakthrough on the perimeters of the complexes.  So I am hoping a split application will reduce that problem.  I may also have enough spray product to band along the cart path to get the areas where it is the outer throw of the tractor spreader.

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