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4-29-13 Something is wrong with my crew…

Last week…if you have been keeping up, Jim got the bearings on the reels and now have them “Grinder Ready”.  Friday, my crew unanimously voted to let me have as much time as I needed to reset the spin grinder and sharpen the reels so we can get a fairway mower out to cut fairways.

Just a few minutes after that they ALL changed their minds!  (I think it was a conspiracy.)  Now they want me to stay in my office and listen to Bollywood Music!  Of course since I enjoy listening to Bollywood music I had to comply with their wishes.  So today, much of the day I stayed in the office (except when I called the Sheriff on a neighbor.) and had Sky FM internet out of New York on in the background set to Bollywood!  It was a good day.

Now about the Sheriff.  Last week we had a complaint from a neighbor (anonymous) about another neighbor who was cutting down native plants behind their place on golf course property.  They were notified that we contact the Sheriff for such matters and pursue charges if necessary.  Well…it continued…the Sheriff was contacted and they will be investigating with the neighbors to see if anyone can identify the persons who could have possibly come on the golf course to cut down natural vegetation. 

Even after all of these years it disappoints me that some people believe that it is OK to go on to someone else’s property and dump trash, yard waste, grass clippings, soil, cut trees, shrubs, plants, or do anything to someone else’s property and yet would scream bloody murder if the same were to be done to their property.  I guess I am a confused individual.  I do know I would not want to get into a grass clipping war with an operation that does nothing but makes grass clippings for a living. 

So, I guess for those of you who insist on doing things to someone else’s property…pick a different direction.  The Sheriff’s department is starting to know my voice and the officers are calling me by my first name.

Ok, I left you hanging long enough…back to Bollywood.  Last year, I found Sky FM Bollywood New York.  It is upbeat and for me it is great background music to do paperwork.  Especially TIME CARDS!  Since I am not fond of calculating time cards, the Bollywood was extremely helpful.  Well, the guys were picking on me last year for listening to as they put it ‘the Indian technogeek music’ until I told them that every time they heard that music coming from my office they would be getting paid on Friday.  After that they started listening for the music and would not disturb me unless they absolutely had to so I would not make a mistake on their time card.  I promised them that if I did make a mistake it would not benefit them.  So…Friday when they realized I had to do timecards…they decided quickly after the initial vote to change it to Bollywood first and grinding second.

So tomorrow, first thing chase Bill in the sprayer, more Bollywood to finish payroll and get my kids paid, then make some sparks and sharpen the fairway reels for the next three days.   (My 21 kids ages this pay period are from 18 to 71.)

Mark Novotny CGCS



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