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5-8-13 Getting things caught up!

We are getting the mowing caught up a little at a time.  Training all new people takes a lot of time and it takes twice as long to do a job so bear with us while my crew learn how to maintain a golf course.

So we are almost done with property lines and road crossings.  We got rained out this afternoon.  The two guys we had scheduled never made it in today do it got pushed to the afternoon instead of this morning.

First cutting of fairways was finished today after a break to re-sharpen the mower which got dull in the middle of the morning cut.  Tomorrow will be the driving range and then start all over with the newly ground reels and bedknives I finished last week.  Steve and Jay finished the rollers today and they will go out tomorrow.  The other mower will be broken down for new bearings and be ground and sharpened to match the one going out next.

Tees were sprayed to match the greens so they should be greening up and we will be cutting tomorrow as well.  The rough is on schedule for its regular cutting if all of my students get done with their finals and get to work as planned.  You see the tent went up today so we must be having something happening over the weekend.  (I guess I should check the schedule.)

You see we have been cleaning the bunker bottoms on #5 fairway, and added a drain stub-up on #1 left greenside.  We will continue working on these as the season progresses.  Hopefully you have noticed the improvements in the bunkers we have been slowly adding sand around the course.  I think we are up to about 50 tons so far this season.  We still do not have a complete solution for #8 but we have added sand and removed several tons of silt.  I wish I had about $15K to get in and do the job right but I don’t.  So…one Cushman load at a time.

You’ll see weeds starting to die in several locations.  I have been out spraying until the wind and rain started the last couple of days. Cut rough and thrown into the natural areas on #’s 6-10,15-18, DR, FE, CH have been completed.  I have been getting about 10 acres each morning before it gets too windy to continue.  I will keep plugging away every chance I get.  It should get quicker now that I have started the pump station.  Filling the sprayer goes from 60 minutes to 10 minutes.

You will start to see water around the course.  I just turned on the pump station and the leaks will show up in record numbers (as usual)  Most courses use 2-3 2″-repair couplers a year.  I get nervous when my shelf gets down to 6.  I order them by the case.  My distributors keep a case or two on hand for me.  Noah will be digging holes soon so keep an eye out for him and say hello when he sticks his head up from a hole.

Josh and I have been asked to speak to a 7th grade class tomorrow so if you see us out on 13 with a large group of children we are helping them with a class project.

Mark Novotny CGCS



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