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6-4-13 I’m Still here…

Haven’t had much time to post but I am still around.  I took the weekend off after 61 straight days.  I worked all days in April and May.  Maybe I should take June & July off.

Today we worked on the bunker on #1.  Still not totally happy with the location of the drain.  I will see if the guys want to move the inlet or reshape the base with soil.  Moving the inlet should make a smoother transition for future mowing.

Noah is on restricted “Light Duty” which gave him the opportunity to work on the driving range signs which are now out on the tees.  He also fixed some irrigation heads in the parts storage area.  I now have some extra guts for quick head repair.  We actually replaced the guts in 3 heads the other day. 

I think we are down to 13 problems except the 3 which need to go on the list from today.  Russ hit a head with the fairway mower so we have to dig it up and replace it.  I have to investigate a head on #4 tees, it is blowing water from the bottom which could be as simple as an o-ring or needing a new head from a case being cracked.  The final problem is new to the pump station.  We have a locked up check valve.  This means we have a pump shut off and we go from 850 GPM to 250.  So things will be starting to turn brown on the fairways, tees and greens by mid next week.  They will be alive  but not green.  It will take until early next week to get the valve in from Florida from my pump station guy.  At least it is already ordered and he doesn’t need to come here to find out what is wrong and then order the parts.  We could avoid these problems by turning this into prairie land or a grass museum where nothing gets used or moves.

Tomorrow and Thursday we are planning to topdress 9 greens each day (back-9).  Hopefully this will help smooth the bumps.  It won’t fill in the unrepaired ball marks so that doesn’ get you off the hook for that.  But I know the ones that are reading this far down are already fixing many ball marks on each green and the rest are the ones not holding up their course etiquette end of the deal.

So…I will be out there somewhere.

Mark Novotny CGCS



One thought on “6-4-13 I’m Still here…

  1. I think the course is looking better than it ever has which is a credit to your expertise and hard work.


    Posted by Lordswoods | December 27, 2013, 3:51 pm

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