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Golf Maintenance procedures

9-12-13 SWREB’s Knocking down some tall stuff…

I was out today starting to do some cleaning up of the SWREB’s (Storm Water retention Evaporation Basins) before the rain hit.  I finished the one directly in front of 14 tees, the 10 foot high willow trees are now gone.  Then the rain hit so I was chased off the course.

Noah found 3 of 4 drain grates to the right of #12 yesterday.  We think the remaining one is under silt and will need an exploratory dig to find it.

The next SWREB I will go after will be left of 14 by the green then #13 left of the cart path then 18.  The reason these are so important is that they need to be cleaned of silt periodically.  The last time we were able to cut these were in 2010.  There was too much rain in 2011, and in 2012 the bush hog mower was in a state of dismay by breaking a grade 8 bolt about every 1-2 hours in tall grass.  There was no way it would cut any saplings.  So, I will be cutting in the middle of nowhere for a while until all of the normally wet area can be cut while dry.  Then I will start to tie in the rest.

So, for a while the natural will look very dumb.  Tall grass near the fairways while in the outer areas are cut.  I must follow the water (or lack of water) once October hits any water in the SWREB’s will be here until next September when I start this foolishness all over again.

Mark Novotny CGCS



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