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6-21-14 It’s been awhile…

I’ve been out on the course and not on the computer.  So here is what has been happening in the last month.  We have gained a few employees and lost a few.  So right now we are sitting at 23 part-timers.

The Course…

Fairways… are doing well and I am trying to keep them brown so they will run out longer on your tee shots.

Tees… The hot weather a couple of weeks ago got to them because we didn’t have enough irrigation water to keep up.  The pump station has now been repaired and the grass should be turning green in a few weeks.

Greens…The same with them.  When we didn’t have water they turned brown, they are already returning to the green and brown mounds we are accustomed to.

Bunkers…As you would have already noticed the green side on number 7 is now a mound and has been sodded.  It will be about a month before it is ready for play.  For now enjoy the free drop.  Number 8 fairway bunkers…The first one is going away and become grass.  The drainage is in and we are putting in soil to complete the slopes for sod.  The second one is being reduced similar to #6 Fairway bunker.  Almost all of the sand has been removed and we will need to fix the drainage and add sand and sod.

New ORANGE Tees… As you will have noticed they have been marked in and cut.  This was a test run to see if we liked the locations.  This week we will make the final decision and see which ones will move (there will be a few) after that we will start regular cutting and the markers will be set in place.  The ones on #2 and #17 will be temporary until we build the final locations and move soil and add sod.  Number 17 construction should start tomorrow and our goal is to have the sod done by Wednesday.

New GOLD Tees… We will be converting the red to gold when we start the orange tees.  I don’t know when it is scheduled but Josh is planning to have the tees rated for men & women so everyone will be able to play all tee locations and log a handicap.

Mark A. Novotny CGCS



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