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8-7-14 The weeds are too tall!

Yup they are.

I get one or two calls each year that the weeds are too tall.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  The weeds in question are actually the “Natural grass” as we call it.  It is a design feature to keep balls from rolling off the property and into neighboring back yards where the golfers are more than willing to ignore cart rules, property markings, and drive the carts into the neighboring  property.  I get scolded by some neighbors when I cut it, I get scolded by some neighbors when I don’t cut it often enough.  It actually gets cut before June 15 and also in October.  If it gets unruly, we work on it during the main season.

The reason for the call was the neighbor can not see the pond 75 yards away from his back yard.  Now I hear complaints almost daily as well as complements.  These are from the golfers who are playing.  Since these individuals have chosen to play here I place the higher priority on their comments especially when I see them often.  They recognize the changes that happen daily.

I have been here since October of 1996 and not once since opening have I heard a golfer exclaim “the weeds were too tall to see the ponds”.  I have only received these calls from the non-golfing neighbors who do not realize that we are working on cutting the “Natural”, as part of the 291 acre property we are responsible for adjacent to their back yard.  I guess that is because the golfer has been maneuvering themselves around the course and if they are participating regularly they see that we are in a state of constant reduction of the “Natural” this season.

That reduction is because of Sam.  He is the guy you see on a fairway mower, the tractor rough mower and also the bush hog mower used to cut the “Natural “(in that order of priority).  As you can see this very diligent part-time individual is busy.  Since the golfing areas have a higher priority than the non-playing areas, the “I can’t see the pond” area is lower on his to-do list.

Rest assured the “I can’t see the pond” area is on his list.  If you were a supporter of the golf course you would have noticed the Help Wanted Sign by the clubhouse.  It has been moved from in front of our maintenance entrance because we are not getting any traffic while the detour is in effect.  In reality, this is the first time ever that the sign has not come down for more than a week.  I have been looking for employees all year to work.  Unfortunately, most applicants want a paycheck without having to put forth the effort to earn the check.  So, we have been limping along this season with new employees in training all season.  That means it is up to my senior staff to keep things going.  The golfers appreciate their efforts because the playing areas have been pretty well received all season.  The non-playing areas are pretty rough.  We are getting there.  It will just take more time so you can “see the pond.”

Mark Novotny CGCS



2 thoughts on “8-7-14 The weeds are too tall!

  1. Unbelievable. What’s on the pond they want to see, GEESE? Ah gee!


    Posted by Bill | August 7, 2014, 8:36 pm

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