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11-10-14 I’ll get back to you on this…

Just wanted to touch base for a second.  Been busy out there.  Last week we blew down the system, finished #3 bunker/sunken drain sod, #8 sod, worked to shore up erosion for the pump station, fountain timer #7, all irrigation repair holes are filled in, started removing sand from #16 green side bunkers.

Clubhouse update:  the footer has been poured, block laid…next is to rough in water, sewer, gas, electrical.  Then pour the pad.  Then the wood workers begin to make it look like a building.

Sad to say it looks like the bottom is going to fall out of the season with highs in the 40’s starting Wednesday.  We will then switch to shutting down for winter.  We will pull in all ball washers, posts, bunker rakes, stakes and ropes.  We will leave out some tee markers for winter play but for the most part the place will be ready for winter before Nov 21st.  We will still be open with just the minimum marking still remaining.

Enjoy tomorrow’s great weather for golf before the Polar Vortex blows in the cold weather.

Mark Novotny CGCS



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