Bunker Renovations…

USGA Presentation Refurbishing Bunkers

The plan for 2017

2017 Updates:

Removal (turned to grass):

  • #1 Right fairway bunker converted to grass.  Completed 8-4-17  


    #1 Right fairway bunker turned to grass…Larry watering the new sod.

Renovated:  Which means: reshaping and size reduction to remove high flash-up causing siltation, repairing the drainage, and replacing the sand.

  • #1 Green Side Right.  Completed 8-4-17  


    #1 Green side completed 8-4-17.

  • #1 Grn composite

    #1 Green side projected renovation.

  • #8 Fairway Left Sand removal in progress just adding better sand as a temporary improvement in playability.  8-6-17  Sod and Sand completed 8-30-17.dscf4210.jpg
  • #15 Green Side Left.


    Artist Rendered Projected Renovation.

  • #7 Green Side Back Left.


    Artist Rendered Projected Renovation.

  • #10 Green Side.  Sand Removed as of 7-24-17.  Completed 8-30-17dscf4214.jpg


    Artist Rendered Projected Renovation.

Refurbish:  Means to remove sand check drainage and replace sand to last renovation.  

#5 Fairway mid bunker  Completed as of 7-30-17.dscf4171.jpg

#9 Green Side second bunker  Completed as of 7-30-17.

#16 Right Fairway Bunker  Completed as of 7-30-17.

Targeted Upgrades Based on Golfer Comments

  • No New Reports 9-6-17

Scheduled for the rest of the 2017 season:  (weather permitting)

  • #2 Green Side Left.
  • 2-grn-lft-composite

    Artist Rendered Projected Renovation.

  • #18 Green Side Right.  Old sand removed new sand added… 9-6-17
  • #13 Green Side Right.  Sand Removed as of 7-24-17. Sand Replaced as of 8-30-17DSCF4172
  • #13 Green Side Left.  Sand Removed as of 7-24-17.  Sand and form placed as of 8-30-17.



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