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6-21-15 Don’t try this at home! US Open conditions.

With all of the coverage of the US Open at Chambers Bay I decided to give you some of my observations.

Chambers Bay june 2015 2 Harry How/Getty Images

First: This is the US Open.  The planning of this tournament has been in the making for years.

Second:  This is the US Open.  It is suppose to be more than difficult.  The average player can not play a course at 7600 yards!  Don’t plan on seeing this condition ever at Westchester.  Unless we are in a drought and we are not allowed to water for two or more weeks in the middle of summer.

Chambers Bay July 2014  Google Earth image taken 7-10-2014

This is what the course would normally look like without the US Open.  Much greener and not enhanced by television.

Third:  This is the US Open.  All of the players are playing the same course and the lowest number of strokes wins.  Forget par, just play the conditions that are in front of you, do your best, and the guy with the lowest number takes home the trophy.

Fourth:  This is the US Open.  The pros are suppose to complain about the conditions.  If they did not complain, then the media would complain that it was too easy.  Nobody is ever happy.

Fifth:  Comparing TV golf versus “at home” golf is just nuts.  Check out the information from the press kit to see they have 45 employees and 110 volunteers for maintenance.

Ok, so I am done.  You will not see us trying to compete with TV Golf.  If you would like those conditions (or Close)  Here is a screen shot of  ‘booking a tee time a Chambers Bay’  A slight difference from $37.00 to $300 to walk.  Notice it was taken this morning.

Chambers Bay Tee times

Mark Novotny CGCS



One thought on “6-21-15 Don’t try this at home! US Open conditions.

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    Thanks for sharing Mark! You are under water I imagine from photos around your area on Twitter!


    Posted by Darden | June 21, 2015, 12:56 pm

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