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Westchester Golf Course

9-20-15 It’s been too long…

I have been here at the course…just not talking about it.

The reason is… we have been busy cutting and trying to work on some projects.  We basically are at the minimum number of people to maintain the course.  The last few weeks the mechanics have been doing some project work with me.  (It’s like pulling your goalie.)

#13 Fairway Bunker Watering the new sod

#13 Fairway Bunker
Watering the new sod

First project that we have completed since our last visit was the fairway bunker on #13.  We FINALLY were able to get the sod done and it has been open for a few weeks now.

Second, we seeded the Fairway bunker on #15 last Monday.  If you are over that way it will be very wet for the next few weeks to get the seed up.  It takes 4-8 weeks.  So please use the sod walk-in paths and the manufactured long handle rake to retrieve your ball and take a FREE DROP!


#15 Fairway Bunker prepared for seed

Third, The ‘Big Dig’ on #4 has been prepped and seeded on Friday.  So we will be trying to get water to this areas as well.  But it is a large area well off the easy access to water.  We will be schlepping hoses around for the near future to try to keep the soil moist.

Fourth, I have been working on the area behind the new clubhouse  where seed should be going down on Monday and Tuesday.  After that more hose work.

Stuff in progress or on the schedule.

  • Finish filling and seeding the holes from the front entrance trees that were removed.  I haven’t heard yet what trees or pattern they will be when they are replaced.

    Last day with the old Ash front entrance trees, They had Emerald Ash Borer.

    Last day with the old Ash front entrance trees, They had Emerald Ash Borer.

  • Final detail around the new pavement at the new cart staging area.  Get grass seed planted.
  • Resurfacing the main driving range tee.  We will still be on the top tee until the frost starts.  We will also be working up there.  So if hitting golf balls on the range where people are working behind you making noise, will bother you, please utilize the south tee.  We won’t be down there for another week.
  • Prepping and seeding the ‘Small Dig’ on #8.
  • Prepping and seeding the area on #14 where we robbed the soil to work on #15 bunker.
  • More work on removing the #5 right fairway bunker.
  • Prep and Landscape the front of the new clubhouse.
  • Try to get irrigation water around the clubhouse and pavilion site.

Not us, but the pavers will be back to do the North & South parking lots in the future.  The entrance has been patched and sealed.  The cart path going to #1 has been patched/paved.  Existing cart staging area has been sealed.

Irrigation leaks have been coming hot and heavy.  The average seems to be about 4 new problems per week.  Jason is getting to them as fast as possible.  So, the little flags all over the place are for either new leak(s), wet areas, or completed repairs.

Bunkers are being raked on Friday /Saturday/ Sunday.  Quick touch ups the rest of the week (especially with no rain).

Number 11 Green…Kitty is plugging the bad areas every day she is here.  It will take some time to get it completely finished.  When the temperature drops about another 5 degrees we will put a bunch of holes in it and fill those with sand and seed to fill in the thin spots.  This whole thing was caused by the 19 consecutive days of rain in June.  The entire back of the green was basically drowned by sitting in the water.

Mark Novotny CGCS



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