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Westchester Golf Course

3-18-16 D.D.D Trees

Question of the day by golfer.  Why are we cutting down so many trees?

The Answer is:  Dead, Diseased, or Dangerous.  We now have access to a chipper which makes this possible.  And thanks to John, Marvin, and Scott who did all of the take downs, we are in the process of removing the D.D.D. Trees.

If the tree is dead or near dead we are removing it.

If the tree is weak or dangerous and has a probability of being blown over and landing on someone or something, we are removing it.

Damaged Tree

If it is an Ash tree (Emerald Ash Borer)it will be removed as well as any other diseased trees.


So there you have it.  D.D.D. Trees in a nutshell.  The process will be ongoing all year with the big push for clean-up in the next month.

Mark Novotny CGCS



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