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3-22-16 Catching Up the last few days…

Last weeks rain gave us a muddy silty path.  With the new brush from last year I was able to replace 4 guys with brooms for 6 hours and clean up the path in about 1.5 hours.  Needless to say the guys were happy about not pushing brooms for the day.

We did some cart path and drain grate concrete work.  Behind the cart barn and on #1 & #18, a large line on #7.

Chipping the tree limbs is continuing for a few more days then we start picking up the large logs.

We changed the look of the main range.  We now have a range fairway down the middle to the center target.  That should give you more of a feel to hitting down a hole.


We also are continuing to work on the #8 fairway bunker which is getting new sand, drainage, and a new sod edge.

To the surprise of the sewer guys they had to run a pipe across #9 for the next couple of days.  This run was not on their plan but will be used and then moved to the planned location sometime next week.  We will have a couple of speed bumps to go over for the next month or so.

Mark Novotny CGCS



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