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3-24-16 Tree Removal/Clean-up

If you have played recently, you have seen many trees came down this winter.  The reason we have this ongoing is because of safety.  We are trying to remove any obvious trees that are dead, dying, diseased, or just may be dangerous.  Thanks to Jon, Marvin & Scott coming out in the middle of winter and working in frozen conditions we have many already down.  Once the trees leaf out again we will assess more and mark them for removal in the future.

The piles are almost gone!  Jordan & Trace have been doing a great job chipping the branches on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with just a few more piles on #6, #4, and #14.

Thanks to a covert operation between Noah and Jason, one of Jason’s friends came in today fully equipped to remove the tree trunks.  All is picked up on #18, right of #10, and he started #6.  Monday he will continue #6 then off to #13/#14.  I am glad he came in, I am happy to give firewood away to someone who appreciates getting wood for free.  And by coming fully equipped we did not have to pay someone for the clean-up just show him where it is.  Later this year we will get the large tree on the left of #10 where it is still very wet.

Then we have a week with a stump grinder and many months to clean up the stump grindings, fill the holes with soil and seed.  We will start grinding stumps next week if Sunbelt Rental has a unit available for the week.


Logs ready for clean-up and stump to grind.

Mark Novotny CGCS



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