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Golf Course Updates, Westchester Golf Course

4-17-16 Busy week…

We worked through the rain on Thursday by painting hazard stakes to get ready for our Players Ability Test in two weeks.  We also worked on drainage, cut fairways again, as well as tees, greens, collars, approaches, and touch up on roughs, raked bunkers and started stump grinding.  So more details…

Drainage… we installed a new downspout drain line on the southeast corner of the pavilion and where the new sidewalk concrete will be installed.


We also put in a couple of lines at the turn on #13 cart path by the stream that gathers water and behind the  14th tee .

We finished the drainage on #8 fairway bunker and added a layer of sand to protect it from Thursdays rain.

We started grinding stumps.

A total of 22 so far.  It may sound like a lot but it is just a start we have about 60 on the course and 45 in the nursery areas and driving range.  The unit rental is $1200 for the week.

Bunkers have been good this year.  We have been double raking after each rain.  No puddles and very few wash outs to fix.  We just haven’t had dry enough weather to get them really fluffy.

This week… more rain, more stump grinding, more drainage, more mowing.

Mark Novotny CGCS




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