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7-28-16 Sauna for Turfgrass.

grass temp kbg
Optimum air temperature for shoot growth for cool-season grasses is 60 to 75 degrees F and optimum soil temperature for root growth is 50 to 65 degrees F. Shoot growth ceases when air temperature is above 90 degrees and root growth ceases when soil temperature is above 77 degrees F. These temperatures are often …

Just like the health risks of staying in a sauna too long.  The temperature range for our grass is waaaay too high to achieve high quality turf without spending tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep it looking great.  The 2″ Soil temperature is basically the same as the air temperature.  So for most days this month both root and shoot growth is bouncing around the stopped range.
For sauna use it is recommended no longer than 30 minutes.  The turf we play on has been exposed for weeks out of its optimal temperature range.  Right now we are trying to keep it alive until the weather breaks and we get a few nights in the 60’s to give the grass a breather.
july weather
We are currently “where no man has gone before” well, at least no one I have found has experienced this.  With the warm winter, the environmental conditions are exhibiting conditions that would be the third week of August.  The greens get puffy, the mowers start to cut unevenly due to the grass response to the heat.  Usually, we have this the last two weeks of August then we get cooler temperatures in September and the greens firm up again, we can then topdress with cooler weather without fear of killing grass.
I have not found anyone that has experienced this prolonged heat in Central Ohio.  This is all new to us.  So right now, we are just logging the experience and trying to anticipate what the grass response will be in the future.
‘I need a new crystal ball’ it appears mine is malfunctioning since I can’t see into the future anymore.
Mark Novotny CGCS


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