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9-8-16 Finished my re-certification yesterday!

Spent the afternoon yesterday getting my re-certification credits for my Ohio Department of Agriculture Pesticide Applicator’s License.  This took place at OSU 4-H Building.  Got to love Ohio State for having these events available!

I have 5 categories and needed Industrial Vegetation and Acquatics before I start over again October 2017.  The rest are Core, Turf, Ornamentals.  The renewal period is every three years where I need to accumulate 5 total hours with 1 hour in core and 1/2 hour in my other categories the remaining in anything.

After yesterday, I will have my half hour in each category, hour of core and actually a total of 14.5 hours.  So, done for next year and won’t have to be a push until 2020.

Mark Novotny CGCS




One thought on “9-8-16 Finished my re-certification yesterday!

  1. Congratulations. A lot of information there to have to be able to draw upon. Job well done.


    Posted by Bill W. | September 8, 2016, 3:02 pm

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