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Westchester Golf Course

10-9-16 One Hectic Week…

Actually it started on September 14 and really hasn’t let up yet with at least one week to go since this is aerification week.  It started by spraying cut rough for weeds, 60 acres. Throw in Fungicide applications on Greens two times, another 10 acres.


Spraying Weeds in the Rough

Then off to fertilizing…fertilized tee complexes which are the tee tops and the surrounding rough, 15 acres.  Let’s hit the fairways…  32.43 acres.  Then get one pass around the fairways and greens another 15 acres.  By this time you get I have been on a sprayer or tractor spreader pretty much non stop for a week and a half.  Wouldn’t have been possible without my crew getting me staged and loaded for all of the spraying and fertilizing.

In the mean time…I had Noah start to test the GA-60 to pull plugs aerifying fairways.  Since we don’t have enough people to do the job at once we are doing the worst spots in the worst fairways at 50-100 yards at a time.  It is mainly Noah doing all of the work from Running the GA-60, changing to the Harrow drag to break up the plugs, change to the big blower to get the plugs off the fairways, then sweeping the plug debris with the big sweeper.  It is not supposed to be a one man operation but, as I said earlier we don’t have enough people to do more.  Noah Aerifying #14 Fairway.

Help wanted sign has been out all year with few applicants.  The last three I hired to give them a chance.  I really didn’t think they would work out (neither did the crew) but we needed the help.  One lasted two weeks, one lasted a week, the third didn’t show up the first day.  (I wonder how they pay their bills?)

This week we start to Aerify and Topdress Greens (Monday-Wednesday).  The rest of the week we will keep topdressing in play until all of the holes are filled.  If things go as well as the last three aerifications the greens will be back to smooth by next week.

Mark Novotny CGCS



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