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2-3-17 Contract Design/Build Completed

We started and finished a project this week between other stuff we were working on.  Jeff (Old Pro/GM) asked if we could design and build a magnetic scoreboard for him similar to the one we made last year for us.

We told him we could and what was he looking for…4′ x 10′ Magnetic, with pen rail to be mounted to the side of his building.  So here was this 1/2 week project.

We pocket screwed two sheets of 3/4″ plywood to get our 4′ x 12′.

Made and attached the mounting cleats, center supports and a 2 coats of protective paint for the back.

Cleaned the sheet of steel with degreaser and acetone twice, attached it to the plywood base with adhesive glue and applied two coats of primer paint.

Painted and attached the trim with 5 coats of white over the primer it is ready to pick-up.  it weighs in at around 180 Lbs.

Hope this works for Jeff, I know our staff really like the ability to use magnets to hold the score sheets up and I like that we will not have to rebuild or repair the scoreboard from the damage caused by tape or staples.

Build work…Noah Parker                     Design… Mark Novotny

Mark Novotny CGCS



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