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2-9-17 Next project well underway…

This week we started the trash can boxes.  These are like the boxes we made last year  for around the clubhouse and pavilion for trash and can recycling.  The only difference is that we are making them for around the cart barn.

Why do we make them?  Take a look at the pictures below…

The one on the left From Par Aide is a 40 Gal for $820.00 and the right one is from Standard Golf 10 Gal for $320.00 both ate made from recycled plastic.

Ours will look like the one on the right and hold 40-50 gal but made from wood.  Not as pretty but just as functional.

We used to have a large box that held 4 cans in one area.  After many years the box needed repairs so we asked the cart guys if the box worked for them and they said it would be better if they had cans closer to the front of the barn as well as behind the barn.

So we are making 8 more boxes that will house the cans in areas that are more convenient.  Why do we need the boxes?  One aesthetics, two wind blowing the cans over, three critters… raccoons tend to knock over the cans trying to dine on the half eaten hot dog.

So we are converting the wood shop area to painting.  These should be done next week.

Mark Novotny CGCS



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