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Golf Maintenance procedures, Westchester Golf Course

2-20-17 Too Early To Cut Greens!

When the weather is warm we have golfers!  That is a good thing.  Unfortunately, the 60’s plus weather will only be around for a few more days than back to Early Spring Weather.  This means frosty mornings and highs in the upper 40’s and tickling the 50’s.


The look farther out is indicating that we will not see consistent 50-60 degree temperatures until Mid March.  At that time  we will be able to consistently get out to play without the winter gloves in the cart and have them stored safely in the bag.


Even though the temperatures are warm this week we won’t be cutting the greens yet.  With a lot of frosty mornings ahead we run the risk of damaging the grass for months by cutting off the protective brown leaves.  The brown leaves (CAUSING BUMPY AND SLOW GREENS) are what protect the plant crown from frost and freeze damage.

Once the crown is killed so is the plant.  Then we have to wait for the plant to regenerate from rhizomes, stolons, plant new seed or sod.  Either way this takes a long time in frost free weather that  we won’t be seeing until sometime in April.  I am just not willing to take the chance of damaging the greens for months to come for a few days in February.

High risk, short term reward, long term damage…

Hope you understand my reasoning.

Mark Novotny  CGCS



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