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4-16-17 Weed Spraying Has Started.

Happy Easter everyone.

The Egg image takes me back to how we decorated Easter Eggs as a kid. Now I don’t know if you can find the stylus, beeswax, or the egg dyes.  Who has time anymore I have weeds to spray.

This photo is from last spring, this year #2 isn’t nearly this bad.


#2 Left Rough Spring 2016

Thursday I sprayed greens for Dollar Spot.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFriday I made a lap around all fairways and greens spraying the rough with fertilizer, broad leaf control, and crabgrass preventer.  Starting tomorrow while the wind speed is down I will continue on the back side cut rough finishing around greens and fairways.  The tee complex is the following area I will work on because I use a different product for tees and the surrounding rough.  I then continue into fairways and finally the natural areas.

So you can see I will be on a sprayer for a few weeks trying to get all areas completed before May 15th.  (That is the average last frost date.)  The last frost date is important because frost will kill any germinated crabgrass.  So getting product out much earlier reduces the effectiveness in the middle of summer when the crabgrass thrives.

So those are my plans.  The crew will be continuing to cut everything and the saga continues to pick up flood debris from Winter & Spring flooding.

Mark Novotny CGCS



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