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6-20-17 The Race to Faster Greens Article…

The race to faster greens article

You won’t see faster green speed here for a reason.  The greens were not designed for lightning fast speeds.  Mike (Dr. Michael Hurdzan) and the lead architect Bill Kermin designed these greens to run 8 to 8.5 on the stimpmeter.  The last time our greens were checked is when we had the course re-rated for the new tee additions.  They were averaging 9 to 9.5.  A full foot faster than they were designed.  That is our normal speed.

Tournament speeds are 11 to 15, to get them there it takes multiple mowings, multiple rollings, multiple topdressings, multiple verticuttings, multiple brushings, and grass height to 5/64th of an inch or less, next to no water making them hard as pavement.

We have had special tournaments when we first opened that I was told they wanted to be as fast as I could get them. So we did, the following day of the events (Southern Ohio PGA) I asked how it went.  I was told the PGA Players loved the speed.  We don’t want to do that again because the regular players the weekend before took almost 6 hours to play a round.  Everyone over the weekend was miserable to prepare for one “special” group on Monday.  So in all fairness to the daily golfers we love.  Our normal green speeds keep things moving around 4 hours 20 minutes for a group of four.

Don’t get sucked into TV Golf.  It takes months and years to prepare the courses you see for a week on TV.  Unless you would like to be charged like Erin Hills

2017 Season: July 1 to October 29

In preparation for the U.S. Open Championship June 12–18, the 2017 season will open for public play on July 1.

2018 Season: May 7 to October 28

Erin Hills is a walking-only facility where golf cars and pull carts are not permitted.*
The use of a caddie is recommended but not required.

18 Holes 2017 2018
Green Fee $280 $295
Green Fee Active Military (with ID) $180 $185
Juniors (pre-high school graduation), Industry, etc. $140 $145

The way I see it.  I don’t believe that is our goal.  A reasonably priced, community golf course, with realistic maintenance.  Where player ability of all levels have a yardage to come out to have fun.  

Mark Novotny CGCS



One thought on “6-20-17 The Race to Faster Greens Article…

  1. Amen brother. The cost of TV golf is outrageous. I have noticed over the past year that the USGA is now promoting PLAY 9. But you also have to play the correct tee length for your ability


    Posted by Tom Grubbs | June 20, 2017, 9:09 pm

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