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Golf Ground Under Repair, Westchester Golf Course

7-16-17 Flooding Update:

Here is what the last week’s statistics look like.  As you can see a lot of rain where we ended the week flooded with a record of just shy of 5″.  By far the largest rain total I have seen over the last 20+ years. canal week weather

This is how the last few days went…  I had just sprayed greens Tuesday this week but was hit by a 1/2″ thunderstorm so I know I am in trouble even though I re-applied on Wednesday.   But if you look at the temperatures and humidity.  The only things loving this condition is the fungus.  

Thursday the 13th we were chased off the course by rain (again).   So I went out before lunch with a 2″ total accumulation at this point and this are the photos I was able to get.


When the rain continued the rest of the day I knew we would be flooded.  That is when we hit almost 5″ total accumulation.

Rain Total 4.61

Friday…Flooded, goal is to get the cart paths open for golfers.  The Pro Shop closes for the day and Saturday Morning to get ready for an event.  We pump the water off the cart path on #1 so we can get through without causing a muddy mess.  (Had to dust off the pumps, haven’t used them since we started putting catch basins in the bunkers in 2014.) The rest of the nine is passable but large areas of water sitting over the drains with each molecule of H2O (water) waiting its turn to hit the rapids to the Ohio River and eventually to New Orleans.  With the bunker drains working so well we were able to get sand pushed up and the bottoms scarified to dry out.

Side Story:  My pump station was being repaired (stuck needle valve in a regulator). Went in and the pump was running 230 GPM with 0 PSI.  (Not normal)  Doug and I were now on the look out for an irrigation leak.  Test the repair to find it is a much larger is only 420 gallons per minute.  That’s 25,200 gallons per hour.  I would probably notice the fountain in the middle of the course so I wonder why I can’t spot it… Curious?  My guess it is on the back side under 6 feet of water.  I think it will have to wait until next week when the water is gone to investigate further.  Let’s turn the pumps off for now.

Jim did a walk-about with the waders to get some shots since everything was basically underwater and we don’t own a boat.   Photos:   This is Friday morning… Afternoon… and into Saturday.

Saturday…We were able to get the front open plus 10 &18 for Saturday afternoon event including bunkers raked (3rd raking) (YEA crew!).  

The back still had impassible water on the paths #11, #12, #13, #14, and behind #17.  

Today (Sunday) we went in and of course the door lock was broken and we had to break into the building to get the day started.  We write ourselves in since the time clock got zapped with the lightning in the area the last few days.  The goal was to get the front nine ready and try to put together the back nine.  We need to get the final cart paths cleared for traffic like: greens mowers, tee set up, (We will need to make more tee markers to replace the ones floated away in the flood.) cup cutter, Oh yeah…Golfers!  The greens were cut and muddy, they are covered with disease (since I can’t spray under water).  Needless to say we are cart path only.  I am hoping that we will be off the path on the front tomorrow.

I know you have a very short memory.  You have taught me that I have three days to get bunkers back in shape before you start complaining.  

So here is your heads up.  It just ain’t gonna happen this time.  

Here is what we are looking at so far.  I will tell you more when we can drive on the grass.  I know you will start driving on the grass today even though it is cart path only.  I know it looks dry but it isn’t, you will leave muddy footprints everywhere which is what the pro shop warned you was going to happen.  And yet you will think the grass will be dry enough to drive on.  Some of you may get stuck and have to push yourselves out and leave a muddy rutted mess.  That is OK, I expect that after you realize that no one is watching and you have a few too many drinks and believe I don’t know what I  am talking about.  You will still believe “It is dry out there.”

We’ll see, you will leave your evidence for us to fix this week.  We appreciate you coming out to play.  We’ll fix it.  Just don’t expect miracles.

Mark Novotny CGCS



One thought on “7-16-17 Flooding Update:

  1. See I’m lucky we only have one ball washer! Dang.


    Posted by Darden Nicks | July 16, 2017, 9:00 pm

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