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7-21-22 Flood clean-up…Bunkers

Today…Well I’d like to say we are done.  But we just took 1.75″ of rain this morning.  Number 16 cart path again.  We are taking heavy rains over a short period of time this season.  I just talked with our golf course architect Dr. Michael Hurdzan and the normal design for drainage is a 5 year rain event to drain in 12-15 hours.  So last week’s 9.74″ of rain with a 5″ finale well exceeds design parameters.

This water will be gone in the morning if the river does not come up (which it shouldn’t), the rain stayed on top of us and south.  We had the bunkers raked, and then washed out by 9:30.  We will start fluffing with the scarifier in the morning. There are several bunkers in full renovation mode with no sand right now.  Take a free drop, we will be back renovating them the beginning of the week.

So, from last week we had the cart path open on Sunday morning (cart path only).  If you remember my last post I said you would not stay on the path and you would leave the evidence of me being correct.  So this was part of Monday morning damage…

This week we concentrated on getting bunkers repaired, replaced, or renovated. With this kind of weather event throw out the projected project plan and “wing it”.  Monday…  We started on #10 fairway bunkers.  Then went to the green side.  All were damaged so badly they fall into the renovation category (I’ll get back to that.).

Tuesday…Cleaned the silt on #17 green side (new method)  push sand into piles with the sand machine.  Leave the piles, rake the bunker to fluff and dry out.  Move to next bunker for assessment and repair (maybe).  Green side #16 fluff and rake they weren’t under water.  Fairway bunker #16, push silt…Complete renovation needed.

Wednesday…Fairway #14 pile silt & rake, #14 green side add sand where the water removed it to the base.  Push silt & rake, luckily we could do that with #15 as well.

Thursday…  Went to #13 green sides and they need complete renovations (off our scheduled renovation plan).

Now here is where I get back to the renovation projects.  Until Tuesday we did the traditional renovation methods.  Push sand with our sand machine blade.  Hand shovel the sand into Cushman Trucksters dump in compost area (this is where we reuse the sand, soil, silt, grass clippings, some leaves and roto till to make good fluffy soil for just about everything).  Pile, shovel, haul, repeat.  (Just like washing your hair.  Wet, wash, rinse, repeat.)

Bunker empty, locate drainage, clean, repair/replace, cover, add sand.  Go To Next Bunker.  Each bunker takes from 3-10 working days to complete.  This is where the light bulb comes on GO NUCLEAR with our Steiner loader attachment which was rebuilt and modified with a high-speed pump and newly rechromed and resealed cylinders.

The guys were testing it on #1 and then I stopped by.  I had to play a little.  Jordan was doing a fine job, he just needs a few more ‘Big Bufords’ under his belt.  He was not able to get a full scoop without tipping it on its nose.  Me…being a 5XL kind of guy, was able to get full scoops with all four tires touching Terra Firma.

My 2-3 scoops per Cushman load compared to 4-6.  I was also goofy enough to try edging the bunkers with it.  Take out extra sandy soil and edge back a foot or two at the same time.  “Stand back boys”  you just get the crumbs I leave behind.  Less hard labor and more detail work.  I need another Cushman to keep me busy on this machine.  The fairway bunker would have been completed this morning and raked ready for play a quick 2 day turn around.  (We didn’t have any drainage issues…I think this is the third bunker with no problems since we started with 73 bunkers to renovate.)  I also used the Steiner to spread the sand  rather than by hand.  Hauled with our dump trailer we get 2-3 Cushman loads per delivery.  When I get done all we have to do is hand rake the edges and machine rake the rest.

Mark Novotny CGCS



One thought on “7-21-22 Flood clean-up…Bunkers

  1. So you made a loader out of a Steiner? Awesome! I need borrow it?👍 Captain guru!


    Posted by Darden | July 21, 2017, 10:35 pm

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