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Westchester Golf Course

7-28-17 Cart Rules: My recommendations:

The continued rain events has run havoc on maintenance and the ability to get out to do any work.  As of this morning we are 8 inches above normal for the year.

weather 7-28

So with the rain events including .39″ yesterday we are very soggy.  Right now we have not been able to cut #13, 14, parts of 15, & 16 fairways.  We have 13 cart path only and the front of 15 fairway blocked from cart traffic.  But as I said in my 7-16-17 ( post we have many golfers (new to the game or don’t know any better) that just don’t follow cart rules.

So right now we have carts off the path.  Common sense would dictate to stay on the high ground but that just won’t happen.  I just don’t have enough rope, rebar, or signs to protect the course from the golfers.

So this is when I recommend the course is to be closed.  You see recommend.  I do not make the call, that comes from the Pro Shop based on the my recommendations.  They have the final say.  I just report the conditions and my recommendations.

#1  When the path is flooded and we can’t drive the cart path around the back side.


#2 When the debris/ silt is on the course and unsafe for players to operate the carts on the path or walk safely on the saturated silty turf.

#3 When conditions are such that there is much casual water or conditions exist that you can not find relief when you play by the rules of golf.

#4 When conditions are so bad that I would really hate to be playing golf.

 Earlier this week I recommended the back nine be closed, the decision from the pro shop was made to route them to skip 13 until the water went down.  Instead, we were able to use the flood water retention berm as a cart path bypass.  Did it work/ Yes Was it safe?  Unknown.  We had no problems.

My crew was getting yelled at by golfers that day because of #4, #3, #2 and for the first 4 hours #1.  I wish they would have told me when it happened instead of the next morning.  I would have told my crew to inform the golfer that we do not have the final decision, and the golfer should let the pro shop know about their concerns about the playing conditions.

Mark Novotny CGCS



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