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8-26-17 Bunker Update: #10 Green Side Renovation

We finished #8 Fairway on the left and #10 Green Side this week.  It started with the July 13th flood week.

So, we were forced to completely renovate the bunker.  We remove all of the sand, edge to correct the shape.

Since the bunker was renovated in 2007 I know the drainage is to grade.  We go in to expose the drain lines, flush them to make sure they are clear and the weep holes are open, we replace the pea gravel.

Place the 6″ drain pipe we use as form to shape the new bunker, fill inside of the pipe with new bunker sand to protect the drainage.  Smooth to a playable condition, then start to fill behind the form to get ready for grass.

We start to haul in the soil/sand/compost material to fill in behind the form.  We do final inspections to make sure we will be able to mow the new slope.  When necessary we bring in the tractor roto tiller to not only prep the area but to shave down any mounds that we would not be able to mow.

We finished the prep and wouldn’t you know it we took a .3″ gully washing rain.  We expected a major amount of repair work but this was the only repair needed.

We laid the sod and even took the time to level and seed some flood damaged area in front of the bunker.


The finished bunker including seeding the flood damage in front.

A couple of weeks and the grass should be rooted.  The bunker will be ready to play in a few days after we have a chance to water the air out and rake it several times.

Mark Novotny CGCS



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