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9-17-17 “Larry…Go this direction…”

Monday was a front nine start, good weather, and plenty of people.  So I decided with the weather forecast continued to be warm to get the seed down on #11 green.  All of the bare spots are from the three days in July where we had the flood and the green was under water for three days.  I keep hearing how rough shape the green is.  I know that, I guess you wouldn’t look very good if you were held under water for three days.  Oh, I guess we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

The weather has cooled enough and yet warm enough to try to get seed to germinate.  It probably won’t work, it never does, but I still have to give it a try just in case.  The reason it doesn’t work from seed now and we grow them in from seed is we are open. When we are closed we keep the green watered all day long to keep them moist.  With the golfers and events we can’t run water all day every day.  We also cut them 5 days a week and can not let them sit and grow for four weeks at a time without cutting.  So while we try to get seed to grow we will also add plugs from our nursery to fill in the bare spots.

But here is what we did on Monday before play caught up to us.

We aerified two directions with quint tines.  Quint tines means we have 5 tines on each of the four arms.  These are 1/4″ in diameter spaced two inches apart.  With two directions hopefully we get a hole about every inch.  If a seed would germinate and grow in each hole we will get a good stand of grass to putt on.

We then topdressed two directions.  This is to get fresh sand in the holes to protect the seed and smooth the surface for putting.

Two top-dressings completed then seed with a coated bentgrass seed.  Drag, roll, water, and play.  This was done by 9:30 am.

That was Monday morning.  The rest of the week we worked on #13 left green side bunker, opened #1 Green Side, #8 Fairway, and top soiled and seeded the tree stump grindings.

The guys even had time to take off Friday afternoon to play in a fund-raiser outing for Pickerington Girls Golf Team.  Kitty is the coach.

Mark Novotny CGCS



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