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Golf Course Updates, Westchester Golf Course

11-5-17 Quick Update:

The weather has had us jumping around just to keep things cut and leaves blown off.  When it is too wet for most jobs like last week, we have started trimming trees in the “Natural” areas.  So far 10 & 18 are completed.  We are still working on the area between 14 & 15, then to the left side of 15 & 16.

We are also cleaning up the tie-ins from the new houses to the golf course at the property line.  There are some areas that will need some considerable earth work to be able to mow the property lines.  I have never seen anyone leave the silt fence, knock it over and sod on top of it.  It just dies’t seem like high quality sod installation.  Hope the grass grows.

Aerification has been completed a couple of weeks ago.  The aerfication holes are filled with sand but with the late aerification date and the frost just after the process, we will see open holes well into spring when the grass really starts to kick in May.

The next two weeks are going to be a final mowing and breaking down of all of the stuff around the course.  We will put out winter cups and flags, bring in select tee markers, trash cans, water coolers, Porta Jons, ball washers, bunker rakes, fairway and in-out posts.

We may have time to punch holes in the thin spots in fairways and fertilize to put the grass “to bed”.   My crew will be off till spring breaks and we get some serious growing weather.

Mark Novotny CGCS



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